In order to guarantee an overall offer of support and technical assistance, Vehorec can intervene before the system and functions certifications step, within your quality process.
The type-approval of vehicles requires at the very least a first level quality approach within your organization. Therefore, we act on three levels:

Implementation of your quality approach

To comply with requirements regarding the “initial evaluation” and “conformity of production”, we offer to implement a first level quality approach with:

  • An Analysis of your organization, operation and systems implemented.
  • Improvements recommendations
  • Writing of your Quality Manuel
  • Definition of processes, procedures, instructions and forms
  • Follow-up of the approval of your quality approach by the French Authorities.
  • ....

Quality management

After implementing your quality approach, we offer to assist you through it deployment and integration within your organization.

Therefore, we will help you with:

  • The users information
  • Establishment of useful documentations
  • Training of operators
  • Introduction and follow-up of your KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Information recording
  • Analysis and management of the system
  • ....

Internal auditing

In the context of the quality management but also to answer some potential occasional needs, we offer you to proceed to an internal audit (pre-audit / mock audit/ ..) of your quality approach and system as wall of its use within your organization.

The objective is to evaluate your methods and practices related to your Manual’s provisions and to offer you:

  • evaluation report
  • A diagnostic of your performance
  • Identification of possible improvements
  • ....