As a partner, Vehorec is able to intervene within your organization through a project mode operation, from the issuing of the initial need to the final validation of the product
Vehorec can act following two typologies:

Project coordination

In project management, we also offer project coordination service with:

  • Analysis of the product and prescription of technical solutions to implement during pre-study stage.
  • Definition of the technical data, according to legal requirements and the vehicle’s use.
  • Validation of the choices and technical solutions selected
  • Implementation and follow-up of the overall planning of your project.
  • Implementation and follow-up of potential approval tests needed.

Project management advice
and assistance

For regulatory matters (and others), we take action in the project management through:

  • Trainings
  • Implementation of the process
  • Elaboration of the specifications required, schedules…
  • The Quality, Costs, deadline project
  • ....